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Report 11

  Land, Human rights & The Eastern Predicament.

15th April 1993



CHAPTER 1 : The Battle For Human Rights - Same Game But Changing Rules          

  1.1   The State's response
 1.1.1 Introduction
 1.1.2 The importance of the struggle for democracy
 1.1.3 Administrative breakdown
 1.1.4 Law and law enforcement
 1.1.5 Effect on the armed forces
 1.1.6 Questions about democracy & the AI's rejected recommendations
 1.1.7 Freedom of the Press
 1.2   The LTTE's human rights record and the
        international community      

CHAPTER 2: Trincomalee:Destroying The Basis For A Political  Solution      

  2.1     The current situation : Ideology and inequality  
  2.2     Land alienation in Trincomalee Town.   
  2.2.1 Love lane (now Sobithagama)  
  2.2.2 Forty two houses in front of Sirimapura,
       Love lane  
  2.2.3 Encroachments in Love Lane
  2.2.4 Mattikali  
  2.2.5 Palampottaru Stage II, Pattinipuram  
  2.2.6 Main features of land settlement
      and its implications  
  2.3    Implications of land on administrative
  2.4    Colonisation in the district
            The case of the Weli Oya Scheme  
  2.5    Discrimination in the use of land
      temporarily abandoned by owners  
  2.6    The land problems of returning refugees
      and displaced persons  
  2.7    Some salient features of government
      policy in Trincomalee  
  2.8      Tamil responsibility for the fate of Trincomalee  

CHAPTER 3: Military Operations In The Interior

      Of Batticaloa District  

  3.1    First week of August 1992  
  3.2    Sunday,9th August 1992; Mahilanthani..  
  3.3   24th October 1992: Palaiadivattai  
  3.4    An incident of Rape,14th November 1992: Aithiyamali  
  3.5      About late November 1992: Ambalanthurai   
  3.6      14th December 1992: Sillikudiaru, Nedunchenai,  
  3.7    A few days before Christmas 1992: Manatpiddy   
  3.8   Early January 1993   
  3.9    11th January 1993   
  3.1O  About 11th January 1993: Kanchirankudah,.
   3.11  21st January 1993: Kurinchamunai  
  3.12  1st February to 3rd February 1993: Paduvankarai  

CHAPTER 4: Situation Report: Batticaloa And Amparai Districts  

  4.1    Moulana Abdul Cader's Healing Mission   
  4.2   Thirukkovil - Thambiluvil  
  4.3   Akkaraipattu  
  4.3.1 Cases of detainees from Akkaraipattu,
      August 199O -February 1991  
   4.3.2 Muslims and Tamil-Muslims relations  
  4.4    Kalmunai and surroundings  
  4.4.1 General  
  4.4.2 Refugees from 4th Colony, Central Camp    
  4.5    Return of Tamils to areas from which-
      they were desplaced  
  4.6    Batticaloa and environs  
  4.7.    Interior Rice Fields of the Batticaloa District  

CHAPTER 5:    Muslims In The Batticaloa & Amparai Districts  

  5.1    Sammanthurai  
  5.1.1 Introduction  
  5.1.2 The IPKF presence  
  5.1.3 The LTTE takes over  
   5.1.4 The war of June 1990
  5.1.5 Comments by members of the Trustee Board
       on Special Report N0.3  
  5.1.6 Colonisation and agriculture   
  5.1.7 Note  
  5.2    Kattankudy  
  5.2.1 The FMMI Report  
  5.2.2 The demand for new AGA's divisions  
  5.3    Eravur   
  5.4    Incidents affecting Muslims in the
      Batticaloa and Amparai Districts  

CHAPTER6: The Dehumanised Environment And Consequences
For Muslim - Tamil Relations

  6.1    Muslims : Global fears and local implications  
  6.2    The bleeding community  
  6.3    The proximity of death and its influence  
  6.4    The LTTE, Big Brother Politics and the East  
  6.5    Tamil Myths about Muslims  
  6.5.1 Land accumulation   
  6.5.2 Muslims are monolithic, closed and conspiratorial 
  6.5.3 Muslims deliberately engineer violence..  
   6.6    Consequences of the Tamil outlook shaped
      by the narrow nationaist Ideology  
  6.7   The home guard dilemma  
  6.8    Looking to the future  

CHAPTER 7: Massacres In The Polonnaruwa District

  7.1    Introduction  
  7.2    The villages  
  7.3    Aspects of deterioration of communal relations  
  7.3.2 The LTTE  
  7.3.3 Colonisation  
  7.4    Aspects of the massacres 
  7.4.1 The Palliyagodella massacre 
  7.4.2 Massacres at Alinchipotanai, Muthugala and Karapola 
  7.4.3 The conduct of the army  

CHAPTER 8: Hill Country & Northern Notes  

  8.1    Detainees in the Hill Country 
  8.2    Land and Hill Country Issues  
  8.3    Jaffna : Indicators of nutrition and health  
  8.4    Killinochchi : 12th February 1993 : Aerial bombing  
  8.5    Crossing the Jaffna Lagoon  
  8.6    Mannar: January - March 1993  
  8.7     The LTTE & Sinhalese and Muslim civilians  


APPENDIX  I : From the writings of Y.Ahamed  

APPENDIX II : Colonisation & Demographic Changes in The Trincomalee District And Its Effects On  The Tamil  Speaking People  

APPENDIX III : Late 70s and early 80s:Naked administrative-

         aggression - Development or Destruction?  

APPENDIX  IV: A note on Land Encroachment  

APPENDIX   V: The Resolution by the Council of the

         University of Jaffna, the LTTE press release

         and our note.





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