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Bulletins 1 &2 were on serious developments regarding paramilitary unit's planned activities in Colombo and were distributed to Human Rights Organizations here and abroad (Confidential documents)

No.28: In the Name of "Peace": Terror stalks the North-East 01st February 2002
No.27: The LTTE, Child Soldiers and Serial Disasters : A Challenge Without an Answer? 19th October 2001
No.26: The Vanishing Young and the silent agony of Sun Set shore (Paduvankarai) 20th September 2001
No.25: The Fatal Conjunction:Women, continuing Violations & Accountablity: 11th July 2001
No.24: The Ordeal of Civilians in Thenmaratchy: September 7, 2000
No.23: The Sun God’s Children & The Big Lie : 11th July 2000
No.22: The Scent Of Danger: 30th January 2000
No.21: A Disturbing Drift In The Vanni: The Lost Civilian Dimension: 21st July 1999
No.20: The Tragedy Of Vanni Civilians &Total Militarisation: 19th May 1999
No.19: Lion air Flight 602 From Jaffna: Crossing The Bar Into The Twilight OF Silence: 16th October 1998
No.18:  The Drift In Jaffna: The Urgency Of  A Political Settlement & The Importance of Larry Wijetatne’s Legacy: 8th July 1998
No.17: Countdown in the Vanni – Looking Beyond the Tigers : 27th May 1998
No.16: The outrage at Thampalakamam - The hidden reality : 5th February 1998
No.15: The Vanni: Behind the war of words : 4th November 1997
No 14: Jaffna: Current Situation & Prospects - A Survey : 24 th August 1997
No.13: An Appraisal of New Trends in Jaffna & Concern Over Detainees : 27th December 1996
No.12: Vanni: A People Crushed Between Cycles of Violence : 22nd October 1996
No.11: The Quest for Economic survival & Human Dignity: Batticaloa & Amparai districts:  June 1996 : 9th July 1996
No10: Massacre in Kiliveddy, Trincomalee District Feb. 1996
No.9: Civilian and the armed forces in the Batticaloa Districts December, 1995
No.8: Civilians & the Jaffna offensive 8th November 1995
No.7: The military operation & its after effects 4th Sep 1995
No 6: Report on the situation in the Batticaloa & Amparai Districts 9th June,'95
No 5: Women prisoners of the LTTE 8th March 1995
No 4: Padaviya-Welioya:Bearing the burden of Ideology 13th, Feb.1995
No 3: The Peace process & the incident near S .Sebastian's, Mannar 15th Oct '94


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