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1- News

We offer these links to News web sites for information purposes only, and in no way endorses or underwrite the opinions and positions expressed on the News web sites linked from this page.


2- Local NGOs & other Portals:


Movement for National Land and Agricultural Reform, Sri Lanka

National Peace Council

Social Scientists' Association:

The International Centre For Ethnic Studies:

Colombo, Kandy


[TR stand and struggle for the rights of Tamils in the island formerly called Ceylon, who live in all parts of the island --north, south, east, west and center. We demand these rights to safety, to expression, to autonomy, to freedom, in other words, from those who stand in their way. We stand and support these very rights for others, who are not Tamils, who live in the island---Muslim, Sinhala and Burgher]

[Friends for Peace in Sri Lanka (FPSL) is an association incorporated in the Australian Capital Territory, convened by a concerned group of Australian Sinhalese and Tamil professionals with the long term objective of helping to achieve a lasting peace in Sri Lanka.]

3- Informative Sites related to Sri Lanka

SRI LANKA - A Country Study

Available maps for Sri Lanka 1, 2, 3, 4,

[Global IDP Project's aim is to raising awareness on the plight of people internally displaced by conflict and part of Norwegian Refugge Council: Check Sri Lanka for many valuable information]


4- Useful South Asian sites:

South Asia Citizen's Web

[The South Asia Citizen's Web is an independent space on the net to promote dialogue and information exchange between and about South Asian citizens initiatives [located in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and in their diasporic communities]. ]

5- Internatiaonl Human Rights Sites:

[Derechos Human Rights is the first internet based human rights organization and it gives links to other sites and resources.]

Amnesty International


UN Human Rights Web site

6- Human Rights & Research Sites related to other Conflict Zones:

Isreali-Palaestinian Conflict

[Palestinian NGO in consultative status with Economic And Social Council of the United Nations]

[The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories]

The alternative information centre


[Gives links to many Jewish sites which work and argue justice and Peace]

Some More Palestinian sites

[The Crimes of War Project is a collaboration of journalists, lawyers, and scholars that seeks to raise awareness of the laws of war and of the human consequences when armed conflict becomes entrenched. It was established in 1999 to educate the general public and concerned professionals about international humanitarian law (IHL) with specific emphasis on the Geneva Conventions]


7-Alternative Indepth Global News Sites and other Resources:

PBS front line



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