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Report 12


1. A few Cases of refugees in Nilaveli 2

2. Cases (Kadatkaraichenai) 2

3. Cases of refugees in Muthur town  3

4. Cases Alankeni : 3

1. A few Cases of refugees in Nilaveli

Neminathan: His brother Coomarasamy Chitravelu (50) was shot dead by the airforce in Kuchaveli during 1985 while a refugee. When the troubles broke out in June 1990, his cousin Arumugam Subas Chandrabose was returning from Chemmalai with Idi Amin and Ratnam Thangarasa. It is believed that they were abducted by the navy at Pudawaikaddu and are since missing.

Annakili: In 1987 November, during the IPKF presence, her first husband Pararasa together with Ganesh were hacked to death, presumably by homeguards of the Kuchaveli Navy camp. Her second husband Arivalakan went fishing in June 1992 with Mariappar Jeganathan and Ukkan (of Sinhalese paternity). They are suspected of having been taken by the navy and no further information has been forthcoming. The ICRC and police have been informed.

Selvarani: While running away as refugees from Kuchaveli in June 1990 she fell in the jungle and her daughter Sutharshini (1 1/2 months) whom she was carrying was killed.

Thambiaiyah, farmer and chairman MPCS, Nilaveli: His house was looted by the army in June 1990 and the rest including valuables, 50 bushels of rice and tobacco were burnt.

C.Kamaladevi (46), labourer from Kilivetti: She came to Nilaveli as a refugee in November 1987. Her son Thiruchelvam (22) was killed by the Sri Lankan forces in 1985 with many others. Her shop was bull dozed along with most other dwellings. She did not register her son's death for sentimental reasons. Two more of her sons Kamalathasan and Pathmathasan were sent to Boosa detention centre after being badly tortured by the forces. They have been living in India since their release in 1987, and their education was discontinued. Deprived of her shop she continued to live in a shed (kottil) and eke out a living for the remainder of her life in Kilivetti.She now lives with relatives close to the Nilaveli Methodist Church. Her 51 year old husband suffers from cancer. The four remaining  of her 7 children are attending school. But she is without an income.[Top]

2. Cases (Kadatkaraichenai)

Kopalasingam Thevarasa (26), fisherman and father of 4: Was taken by the army on 27th November 1985 while breakfasting after catching fish, and was shot dead.

Sinnathurai Sivarasa (now 39), disabled left shoulder: Was gardening on 26th November 1985, when taken by the army to the Muthur camp. Was beaten with an iron rod. Later treated at Boosa. Released 27th November `86.

Tharmalingam Sellathurai: Was taken by the police on 14th February 1986, held in turn at Trincomalee, Boosa and Pelawatte, and released upon the arrival of the IPKF. A wooden spike had been thrust through the length of his right hand during torture.

Kalapavanam Konalingam (33): Her husband Konalingam joined the ENDLF in 1988 when the LTTE attempted to kill him. He later left the organisation. Her house was burnt by the army in July 1990. On 24th February 1991 her husband was shot dead by the army that was coming along the coast from Muthur. She is left with 4 children, ages 12 and below. The compensation of Rs 50000/- due to her has not been paid. She receives some help from NGOs.

Kalirasa Yohamma (45): Shortly after June 1990, her family were refugees at the local Hindu temple. The army arrived on 9th July 1990 and took away 4 persons, including her husband Kalirasa (50). The 4 were shot dead at the nearby jucntion.

Kopalapillai Rasendran (50), woodman: His son Suntharalingam (25) labourer, was shot dead by the Sri Lankan Army during 1985 while going to work. His other son Sellathurai disappeared during 1989 while going to pick coconuts. This followed an incident where the LTTE abducted 8 Muslim carters. Sellathurai and another Vinayagamoorthy are believed to be victims of Muslim reprisals.[Top]

3. Cases of refugees in Muthur town

Many of the refugee women in Muthur town have sons or husbands in detention at Tricomalee and Kalutara.

Jonas Augustine Perera (26), Navalady (Wife:Antoniamma): Missing on 14th September 1990 when he went to work in Muthur.

Ponnuthurai (64), wife Kanahamma(55): Son Balachandran went to Kaimunthan on 7th December 1990 to collect firewood and was shot by the army while returning. (Funeral expenses paid by EHED). Of their 5 children, another son Ravichandran(20) went missing soon after the army came to Kalmunai(Amparai District) in June 1990. Another son Uthayachandran(16) was boarded at Carmel Fatima College, Kalmunai. He was removed by the army in June 1990 (certified by Rev. Brother S. Gracianpillai SSJ, St. Mary's Home, Pandiruppu) and is since missing. The HRTF in a letter of 26th February 1993 said that the missing could not be traced.

Letchumi (29): Her elder brother Kanthasamy and his wife Maniamma were shot dead by the army on 7th December 1990 while returning after collecting firewood. [See above]. In all 10 persons were killed by the army on that day.

Velukutti Sivamalai (Iruthayapuram, Pachanoor): The army did a round up at Iruthayapuram on 25th August 1990. Among those taken and missing are his son Yoganathan (19) and Namasivayam Krishnathas (37) (father of 3 girls). There are in all about 200 families in Iruthayapuram.

Illayathamby Kanagalingam (28) (wife Sathanayaki (26), 2 children),

Chinniah Sahayanathan (33) (wife Sathanamary (30), 3 children),

Yusupillai Johnson (22), Pancras Sebamalai (25) (wife Ranjithamany (20), 2 children) & Pancras Xaviour (25) (wife Vimaladevi, no children) are the 5 detained and then missing from Iruthayapuram during the year 1991.

Francis Lalitha(28): Husband Arokiam (40) from Alanchenai missing in Muthur town on 15th November 1992. Leaves behind 3 children 8 years and below.

Saraswathy (36), Muthur: Husband Nagiah Thevasagayam (37), missing after being taken by the army in a round up on 11th July 1990 in Trincomalee - 4 children (Ranjithamalar (14), Usanthini(13), Subajini(11) and Gajendran(9)).[Top]

4. Cases Alankeni :

Kaliyappu Somasundaram(54): His daughter Vethanayaki's husband Sinhhathamby Vinayagamoorthy(25) was a local teacher. During June 1990 the LTTE brought rice taken from the Kinniya MPCS and ordered him to distribute it to the people. Having done this and fearing the forces he went to India. His relatives spoke to the local army commander. Vinayagamoorthy came by arrangement 8 months later, surrendered to the army, was released after routine questioning, and then continued his school teaching at Salli School, Trincomalee. During July 1992 he was rearrested by the CID on his way to school, and is being held in Colombo without charges. Somasundaram who could earlier earn Rs 40000/- a year from his fields in Thampalakamam is without an income. His grand-daughter is a cripple in need of attention.

Punniyamoorthy Vallinayagam (40): Shot dead by the army on 14th July 1990 while going to the rice fields between Thampalakamam and Surangal. 3 companions returned and gave the news. Widow(36) has 3/4 acre plot, no income. Four children (f(19), m(15), f(9))- no schooling for 3 years. Widow earns an income through breaking stones (Rs 3 or 4 per basket at 5 or 6 baskets a day), pounding rice and selling eggs. Vallinayagam had been arrested in 1983 as a bank robbery suspect (at a time when militant groups were robbing banks), released 5 1/2 years later without charges and had just spent 1 1/2 years with his family at the time of death.

Satkunanayagam Kamala(36), widow: Husband died 1980 natural causes, 2 girls (15,13), no income. Her brother Seenithamby Pakiarasa(34) who had taken responsibility for the children was taken away by the army on 28th July 1990 when it called the villagers for a meeting at the school. He then disappeared. Kamala, who had worked as a maid in Kuwait returned a week before her brother's arrest. She had sent home Rs 50000/- with which her brother put up a house, now of which only a pile of stones are left. Her jewellery, she says, was stolen by relatives at the Clappenburg camp. The soothsayer gave her no hope of retrieving them. In order to raise her children she is hoping against hope that her brother is alive. She would like assistance to put up a small shop.

Shanmugavel; Arimadevi: Husband Ramiah Shanmugavel among 9 taken with Pakiarasa on 28/7/90, who disappeared - 3 children (m(10), f(8),f(5)). Two others taken the same day and missing are Vipulananthan(24), 1 child) and Prabakaran (2 boys, 2 girls).

Gnanasoundari Pathmanathan(33): Two sons (13,12). Went to the Middle East as housemaid in 1984 under the assumed Muslim name of `Suleikamma'. Came back in 1985. The LTTE demanded her house. When she refused Rs 75000/- worth of things were taken by them. She was then taken for an inquiry and released. Her husband was shot dead by the army on 1st January 1987 in an incident where six civilians in all were killed. She then took a passport under the name `Seinambu' and went again to the Middle East - Saudi Arabia this time. She returned in November 1990 following an operation for suspected breast cancer. Most of her savings have been spent on post operation care - Now Rs.300/- in bank.

Rasendran Kailayapillai: Married with one child. Ran into the sea when chased by the army on 23rd July 1990 and drowned. Leaves behind widow and child.

Lalitha(20): 2 children. Husband Arumugam Savundararajah came from Clappenburg and was shot dead by the army when he went to Ponnankerni, Kandalkuda, in search of their bull. Their second child, now 3 months, was born after the father had died.

E. Poomani(50): Her son Thayaparan was shot dead by the army on 12th January 1985 while working in the fields during disturbances. Her husband Erasendran Veerasingam was shot dead by Tamil militants (Tigers suspected, reason not known) on his way to the shop on 22nd October 1989. Left with 4 girls & 1 boy(10).

Kanthasamy Bhavani: Father Kanthasamy (45) farmer, killed on 15th December 1986 during an army round up. Survived by 4 girls (1 married) and 2 small boys. Girls used to run a shop. Now living on rations.

Sathasivam Marimuttu: Her son S. Paskaran(29) of the Housing Department, AGA's office Kinniya, disappeared on 13th June 1990, after being taken by the army at 13th mile post, Kandy Road (Thampalakamam junction), while returning from Trinco. He was returning by bus after attending to official business. She and another daughter(22), A. Level student, Trinco, are supported by her other son Thirugnanam, CTB bus conductor - Trinco-Sambaltivu route.

Noel from Alankerni was another who disappeared during the  same incident.

Kanapathipillay Wijeyakumar(35) teacher, Upparu is among the 4 missing after being taken from the school refugee camp on 6th August 1990.

Kunjan Kanapathipillay(44) barber: Missing from 27th August 1990. Informant: Sivagnanam, barber - cousin.

Ambika Arulanandam: Husband tractor driver. Missing during 1986 when he went to Kuttikaraichi - Navy suspected. Left behind 3 boys & 5 girls.

Alankerni Muslim quarter & Kinniya: While destroying Tamil houses, the army had also damaged or burnt several houses in the Muslim quarter.

Abdul Rahim(35) of Alankerni was killed by the LTTE during the current troubles. His wife and 5 children are managing with rations.

The Muslims in this part went to Kantalai as refugees during the troubles and were later in a camp in 4th Ward Kinniya. Significantly, they waited for the Tamils to return before themselves coming back. According to official sources in Kinniya, 30 to 40 Muslims are missing after being abducted by the LTTE.[Top]


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