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 Palmyra Fallen: Rajani to War’s End

by Rajan Hoole


25th Anniversary of the Assassination of Dr. Rajani Thiranagama

Let this life of struggle take from us what it will; Would it but rupture the springs, whence flow the lifeblood of human ties, of what avail is the crown of victory?”

–  from Puthiyathor Ulakam (A Strange New World), p.107, whose principal author, Soosaipillai Nobert disappeared in an LTTE concentration camp circa 1992

Come, thine eyes beaming brightness of Truth

heart steeled in firm endeavour…

Fondly revere as scripture

all writings fostering Truth

Fear thou to utter a Lie

Oli padaittha kanninai, Subramanya Bharathi’s vision for Free India


To our late students

Miss. Chelvi Thiagarajah


Mr. George Manoharan,

Who paid with their lives for their unswerving commitment to justice and a future with dignity for their people.

To be Published by University Teachers for Human Rights (Jaffna)

May 2014

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