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Secial Reports


No. 1 :

The Bombing in Jaffna

[25th Aug.1990]-11pp.

No. 2 :

(Provisional): "Operation Major" - The Sri Lankan Military  Operation in the Islands off Jaffna

August end 1990. . -Sept. 1990.- 10pp.

No. 3 :

The War and its Consequences in the Amparai District.

16th   Oct.1990. - 84 pp.

No. 4 :

The Sullen Hills, The Saga of Up Country Tamils.

Jan. 1993.-70pp

No. 5 :

From Manal Aru To Weli Oya and The spirit of July 1983.-

15th   September 1993.- 21pp

No. 6 :

The Exodus

6th December 1995

No. 7:

Jaffna: The Contest Between  Man & the Beast Within

29th  August  1996 - 36pp

No. 8:

Trincomalee:State Ideology And The Politics Of Fear

7th  March  1997 -38pp

No. 9:

Jaffna:A Vision Skewed

7th  June  1997 -48pp

No. 10:

Living  Through Jaffna’s Sultry  Sunset

09th April 1998-121pp

No. 11:

A Tamil Heroine Unmourned & The  Sociology Of Obfuscation

15th September, 1998

No. 12:

Gaps in the Krishanthy Kumarasamy Case:Disappearances & Accountability

28th April,  1999.


Towards Totalitarian Peace: The Human Rights Dilemma

9th May, 2002


The Plight of Child Conscripts, Social Degradation & Anti-Muslim Frenzy

20th July, 2002


In the Shadows of Sattahip : The Many Faces of Peace

04th October, 2002


Child Conscription and Peace: A Tragedy of Contradictions

18th March 2003

No. 17:

Rewarding Tyranny: Undermining the Democratic Potential for Peace

7th October, 2003

No. 18:

Political Killings and Sri Lanka's Stalled Peace

28th March 2005

No. 19:

The Curse of Impunity : Part I
Bindunuwewa, the Thin End of the Wedge of Impunity

12th June 2005


The Curse of Impunity : Part II
Defiance, Hope & Betrayal: Times of Sivaram

9th September 2005


Supplement to SP No 19: Part II : University of Peradeniya - May 1983: When Majesty Stoops to Folly

9th September 2005


Terrorism, Counterterrorism and Challenges to Human Rights Advocacy  

1st April 2006


When Indignation is Past and the Dust Settles-  - Reckoning Incompatible Agendas

15th May 2006
No. 22 Hubris and Humanitarian Catastrophe 23rd Aug 2006
No. 23 The Choice between Anarchy and International Law with Monitoring 7th Nov 2006
  Supplement to Special Report No. 23: Before Time Obscures the Moul'dring Heap -I 13th Dec 2006
No. 24 The Five Students Case in Trincomalee 19th April 2007
No. 25 From Welikade to Mutur and Pottuvil: A Generation of Moral Denudation and the Rise of Heroes with Feet of Clay 31st May 2007
  Supplement to SP No. 25: Scripting the Welikade Massacre Inquest and the Fate of Two Dissidents 31st May 2007
No. 26 Can the East be won through Human Culling?: Special Economic Zones - An Ideological Journey Back to 1983 3rd Aug 2007
No. 27 A Bullet for a Fig Leaf: Verbal Bludgeoning to Subvert International Monitoring 17th Sep 2007
No. 28 Slow Strangulation of Jaffna: Trashing General Larry Wijeratne’s Legacy and Enthroning Barbarism, 4th Dec 2007
No. 29

The Second Fascist Front in Sri Lanka – Towards Crushing the Minorities and Disenfranchising the Sinhalese

21st Feb 2008
No. 30 Unfinished Business of the 5 Students and the ACF Cases: A Time to Call the Bluff 1st Apr 2008
No. 31 Pawns of an Un-heroic War 28th Oct 2008
No. 32 A Marred Victory and a Defeat Pregnant with Foreboding 10th June 2009
No.33 Third Anniversary of the ACF Massacre 4th Aug 2009


Let Them Speak: Truth about Sri Lanka's Victims of War

13th Dec 2009

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