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Bulletins 1 &2 were on serious developments regarding paramilitary unit's planned activities in Colombo and were distributed to Human Rights Organizations here and abroad (Confidential documents)


No. 47 LTTE is No Excuse for Killing Vanni Civilians: 17th Apr 2009
No. 46

Trauma in the Vanni: Human Grist to the Mills of Dual Hypocrisy

8th Jul 2008
No.45 Sri Lanka's Humanitarian Crisis or the Crisis of a Majoritarian Polity? 27th Mar 2007
No.44 The Race for Infamy in Sri Lanka's North-East 13thMar 2007
No.43 Laying the Siege fo Jaffna 13thDec 2006
No.42 Disillusionment with the State and the Perils of Unity in Grievance 13th Dec 2006
No.41 The Wider Implications of the Human Rights and Humanitarian Crisis in Jaffna 14th Sept 2006
No.40 Flight, Displacement and the Two-fold Reign of Terror 15th June 2006
No.39 The Meaning of the Killing Spree 1st Nov. 2005
No.38 Political Killings and Rituals of Unreality 21st Jul 2005
No.37 A Tale of two Disasters and the Fickleness of Terror Politics 10th Jan 2005
No.36 The Batticaloa Fiasco & teh Tragedy of Missed Opportunities 29th May 2004
No.35 The Worm Turns and Elections Where the People Will Not Count 8th Mar 2004
No.34 Tiger Manipulation of Tamil-Muslim Releations and the Creeping Siege of Kinniya and Muthur 21st Dec 2003
No.33 Rituals of Words without Substance 14th Dec 2003
No.32 The North – East: Democracy on Death Row 2nd May 2003
No.31 The Gathering Storm in the East: 13th January, 2003 13th Jan 2003
No.30 The Cost of 'Peace' and the Dividends of Terror:
Sri Lanka's Nordic Winter?

3rd Dec 2002
No.29 The Meaning of "People's Action" and the Consequences of Prolonged Negotiations 26th Oct 2002
No.28: In the Name of "Peace": Terror stalks the North-East 1st Feb 2002
No.27: The LTTE, Child Soldiers and Serial Disasters : A Challenge Without an Answer? 19th Oct 2001
No.26: The Vanishing Young and the silent agony of Sun Set shore (Paduvankarai) 20th Sep 2001
No.25: The Fatal Conjunction:Women, continuing Violations & Accountablity: 11th Jul 2001
No.24: The Ordeal of Civilians in Thenmaratchy: 7th Sep 2000
No.23: The Sun God’s Children & The Big Lie : 11th Jul 2000
No.22: The Scent Of Danger: 30th Jan 2000
No.21: A Disturbing Drift In The Vanni: The Lost Civilian Dimension: 21st Jul 1999
No.20: The Tragedy Of Vanni Civilians &Total Militarisation: 19th May 1999
No.19: Lion air Flight 602 From Jaffna: Crossing The Bar Into The Twilight OF Silence: 16th Oct 1998
No.18:  The Drift In Jaffna: The Urgency Of  A Political Settlement & The Importance of Larry Wijetatne’s Legacy: 8th Jul 1998
No.17: Countdown in the Vanni – Looking Beyond the Tigers : 27th May 1998
No.16: The outrage at Thampalakamam - The hidden reality : 5th Feb 1998
No.15: The Vanni: Behind the war of words : 4th Nov 1997
No 14: Jaffna: Current Situation & Prospects - A Survey : 24 th Aug 1997
No.13: An Appraisal of New Trends in Jaffna & Concern Over Detainees : 27th Dec 1996
No.12: Vanni: A People Crushed Between Cycles of Violence : 22nd Oct 1996
No.11: The Quest for Economic survival & Human Dignity: Batticaloa & Amparai districts:  June 1996 : 9th July 1996
No10: Massacre in Kiliveddy, Trincomalee District Feb. 1996
No.9: Civilian and the armed forces in the Batticaloa Districts December, 1995
No.8: Civilians & the Jaffna offensive 8th Nov 1995
No.7: The military operation & its after effects 4th Sep 1995
No 6: Report on the situation in the Batticaloa & Amparai Districts 9th June,'95
No 5: Women prisoners of the LTTE 8th Mar 1995
No 4: Padaviya-Welioya:Bearing the burden of Ideology 13th Feb.1995
No 3: The Peace process & the incident near S .Sebastian's, Mannar 15th Oct 1994


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